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      Loved to draw from early childhood, then it was forgotten and returned to me in 2017. Since then I've been painting again. I'm a self-taught artist.


      I'm passionate about animals, which were a part of my life. My closest friends were cows grazing in a meadow near our house when I was five years old and spent time in the village with my grandmother. I consider all animals on the planet as an important part of ourselves and I reflect my love and admiration for all living things and nature in my paintings. Therefore, the main character of my paintings is usually an animal.


      I enjoy painting surrealistic themes creating seeming madness on canvas, while surrealism is the closest language for me to communicate with the viewer speaking in allegories, symbolic language and the unknown. You may have caught this feeling at least once, it’s something close, so familiar like an inner call, just not always enough courage to admit it. In my artworks one can catch a special mood, find hidden images and meanings. The world of colors and creatures is great, unique and diverse. It talks to me and I talk to you with its help. And the beautiful images of animals and new unknown worlds enhance this effect.


     Many motives for my paintings are taken from life itself: partnerships, present moment, emotions, reactions, feelings, dreams of the future, philosophical and psychological themes.


     My artworks are painted mostly with oil which helps to express deep feelings and allows to convey the mood, make the picture brighter or dim the tone. Some of my surreal artworks are painted with meticulous details, often using pure, bright strokes of color.


Performance styles: Surrealism, Realism, Modern.

Primarily use oil or acrylic paint on canvas.

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Affection Oil on canvas 75x58cm
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Unity Of Three 60x70cm Oil on canvas
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Lion 40x 50cm Oil on canvas
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Tiger in The Water 58x58cm Oil on Canvas
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Zebra mint 50x60cm Oil on canvas
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Living Spirit Of The Planet 28x36cm Acry
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