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A surrealist artist based in Switzerland. 


With her paintings Lu attempts to force the viewers gaze inwards to question hidden or suppressed emotions - whilst also reminding us all that we are all intimately connected through our humanity. Art has been a significant part of her life since childhood and today is a means of expression and exploration of human feelings, dreams and experiences. We all possess our deep hidden selves, and we have never lost our connections to the animal world of which we are but one part. This is why the main emphasis of her paintings is usually of an animal conveying both emotional and expressive meaning. Her art allows her subjects to project simultaneously their internal states and external images.


Images as reflections of the human psyche will inevitably be strong, bold and contradictory, or barely perceptible or recognisable at all. These images are always beautiful and possess a grace contained within all the amazing panoply of living creatures and the natural world - which can in equal measure demonstrate not only delight and tenderness, but also wild horror! 


The motifs for her paintings were taken from life itself: partnerships, emotions, reactions, feelings, dreams of the future or moments of the present, philosophical and psychological themes.


Lu’s Art cannot be taken at face value. She enjoys creating surrealistic themes - creating psychosis on canvas. Lu communicates with the viewer in the language of symbols, codes and figurative references about the unknown, the unknowable and the subconscious.


For Lu, our inner self is as deep and interesting as our outward persona. When viewing her paintings you are able to sense a special mood, discover hidden images and meanings, or simply see a clear, familiar everyday reality - a reality of desires, fears and obsessions that we all inwardly create. It is this duality which Lu reflects on in her art.


Lu’s Art creates insubstantial creatures, real or imagined shadows - even hallucinations become tangible elements within her pictorial language. Her paintings do not differentiate between reality and dreams. Here is a living world filled with unknown creatures and fantasy.

Considering all life on Earth as an important part of ourselves, she also expresses through her art that we are an integral part of this world, trying to show that the viewer is also viewed - viewed with eyes that often we do not see and have no awareness of.  The world of colours and creatures is great, unique and diverse. Beautiful images of animals enhance this effect.

Lu works with traditional materials such as oil on canvas, which helps her to express deep feelings and allows her to convey a very special mood. 


Performance styles: Surrealism, Realism.

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