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Lu Kuznetsova Artist LuKA

Lu, a visionary artist, based in Switzerland, employs the enchanting language of surrealism to engage in a profound dialogue with her viewers. Her art explores life and the impact of human activity on the natural world. She is convinced that there is a deep hidden essence in all of us, and we have never lost our connections to the animal world of which we are but one part. This is why the main emphasis of her paintings is usually of an animal conveying both emotional and expressive meaning. 


Lu's art transcends superficial interpretation, as she revels in the creation of surrealistic themes that provoke a psychological response on the canvas. Through her work, she communicates with the audience using the cryptic language of symbols, codes, and figurative allusions, plumbing the depths of the unknown and the subconscious.


For Lu, our inner self is as deep and interesting as our outward persona. When viewing her paintings you are able to sense a special mood, discover hidden images and meanings, or simply see a clear, familiar everyday reality, desires, fears and obsessions that we all inwardly create.

Lu's interested in the relationship between dreams and reality. In her artworks, she often blurs the lines between the two, creating images that are both familiar and strange.


A recurrent motif in her art is the depiction of eyes, often found within seashells or taking on otherworldly forms. 
These eyes serve as spiritual symbols, conveying our emotions, thoughts, helping to understand the world around us, in seeing the world in all its beauty and complexity, as well as danger and warning. She also expresses the idea through her art that the viewer is also viewed with eyes that often we do not see and have no awareness of. These watchful eyes traverse from one painting to another, fostering a sense of journey and connection.


Lu's art combines surrealism and realism to invite viewers to explore the depths of their own thoughts and emotions. Her canvases breathe life into a realm teeming with enigmatic beings and fantastical elements.


She focuses on creating works of art that stimulate the mind and captivate the eye, have aesthetic beauty and provide an enjoyable viewing experience. Lu aims to offer a fresh perspective on the familiar, presenting transformed images that invite viewers to explore their own unique interpretations.

Performance styles: Surrealism, Realism.

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