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Article. Color, Form, and Emotion: Exploring Lu Kuznetsova's World

Written by Kooness

Kooness: Describe what kind of art you focus on?

Lu Kuznetsova: I specialize in surrealism and continue to focus on this style because its language mixes classic vibes with contemporary relevance. While I actively explore new materials, painting techniques, and mixed media, my primary and favorite tools are traditional - oil, canvas, brush, and occasionally a palette knife. Despite living in a new fast changing world I maintain a dialogue with tradition, paying homage to old masters through subtle references.

K: Why do you make this type of art?

LK: Surrealism, with its engagement with the unconscious, resonates deeply with my expressive instincts. I admire the fact that surrealism speaks the language of the weird and unexpected, looking everywhere for strange, creepy, eccentric, sometimes ugly things, in other words, the opposite of the ideal. We all strive very much for perfection in our time. This is my opportunity to combine the beautiful with the terrible and at the same time I don’t have to depict all the guts. In general, I often think about existential questions, and surrealism gives me a rich opportunity to express my thoughts. I can communicate with the viewer not directly, but in the language of symbols, codes and figurative references. Without directly copying nature, I strive to convey my inner world, feelings, personal monologues - inviting the audience to explore my particular vision of the world.

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